Aaron has now been the appointed attorney for both of my nephews cases. I worked closely with him with first nephew Parker who I know have custody of. He looked out for what was in Parker’s best interest all throughout the case. Always kept me informed and got back to me as quickly as possible. He’s always honest about how he thinks a situation will play out which helps when you are not a true party to the case and just a by standard like I was seeing as I was just the legal guardian at the time. He helped make it possible to put my nephew in a good stable home where he is loved and cared for everyday. I’d definitely recommend him for anyone that is looking for juvenile court help.


“I truly believe God sends us the right people, at the right time, for the right reason…Aaron was all that for our case. Our case was difficult, frustrating and emotional, almost devasted from another lawyer’s lack of action, Aaron Misthal jumped in and turned it around! Aaron was always thoroughly prepared and professional, and above all, he is a kind and conscientious person. It is not pleasant going through the courts for anything, but Aaron’s knowledge and expertise made the experience tolerable. Thank you Aaron!”


“Divorce is not something anyone plans on going through and like many it happened to me. They made it as smooth as it could be and pivoted when needed to make sure the Divorce was completed. I am as pleases one can be after a divorce.”

-Chris Gunnett

“My family have been greatful for the service that we have received from Groth and Associates. Allison Groth is my husband and my attorney. She is amazing, I highly recommend her to all my family or anyone else. Thank you for all you have done for my family.”

-Christina Lopez

Going through a divorce is stressful and difficult. Having a trustworthy and caring attorney made such a huge difference. Plus he’s rational, intelligent, and really good at working with people and within this court system. He’s no miracle worker. It is still unpleasant to go through a divorce, but I’m telling you, it’s 100 times easier to have Aaron as your attorney. You can trust him, both that he cares and also that he knows what he’s doing. I’m very thankful for his help. If you’re going to be going through a divorce, I can’t recommend Aaron enough. This is the attorney you want on your side.


I hired Aaron to represent my minor son this year, and we could not be happier with his work. He was available whenever we needed him, provided clear guidance, and thanks to his relationships with opposing counsel, he got us an outcome that was in my son’s best interest. Thanks in large part to Aaron, my son is on much better footing for a great future. Thank you, Aaron!


I hired Aaron to handle my child support case. He was very professional, answered all my questioned and helped keep my attitude positive when the Ex tried to make things difficult. I have had questions since the case has been over and he is still quick to get back with me and answer my questions the best he can.


“Aaron was always very responsive to my concerns, regardless of how insignificant they have been. I always felt like he was trying to work in my best interest. Even when most attempts at reasonable communication with the other party and their attorney, were met with resistance, Aaron remained persistent to make sure nothing slipped through the cracks. He never talked down to me and always explained the processes we were going through.



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