Emotions and stress levels can run high when dealing with matters of fighting for custody over your children. You may even be worried about how you can afford a lawyer to help you win this battle. These legal matters are highly sensitive and important to your home and family life. Judges and court systems want to ensure that custody is granted in favor of the child’s best interest, and it is important to have the support around you that you need in order to be  successful in this fight for custody. 

Affordable Family Law values the family and wants to see yours, and your children’s, best interests protected in the court of law at an affordable rate. We know court cases can get expensive but we want to fight to give you professional legal representation at a reasonable rate. There is legal help available to those who may be struggling in this position of feeling that they can’t afford a lawyer but there are options and solutions around that can help you to be successful.

Filing Pro Se

There are advantages and disadvantages to filing on your own behalf, or “pro se”. Understanding the laws and processes of filing can be the biggest learning curve to the alternative of filing pro se. When you are filing for custody on behalf of yourself, be sure to immerse yourself in the laws related to your case and feel confident in representing yourself in a court setting. Consider all of the child custody options that are available to make sure you are fighting for the one that best fits your needs and the best interest of your children. Some of the common physical custody arrangements include:

    • Sole Custody – One parent has full physical custody while the other parent has limited or no access to the child.
  • Primary Custody with Visitation – Main custody is given to one parent, while the other parent is granted opportunities to see the child on a schedule, such as weekend or holidays.
  • Joint Custody – Both parents split the time between the child and jointly share the responsibility. 

Have an understanding of what you are wanting to fight for and what the courts will be most likely to grant in your situation at the interest of your children. If you are apprehensive about these processes and representing yourself in court, contacting legal aid may be your best option at ensuring a successful custody battle in court.

Request to Split the Fee

In order to help ensure fairness across a custody battle, and with keeping open communication with your judge, certain cases and judges may be able to grant a fee split among you and your former spouse. If granted, a judge can order your former spouse to pay for the attorney fees or have it be split amongst the both of you, depending on the circumstance. When inquiring your judge about your former spouse taking on some financial responsibility for lawyer and court fees, they will have certain elements to consider, such as:

  • The incomes of each party
  • The assets that each parent has
  • Bad conduct of one former spouse during proceedings
  • Financial stability of each party

With all of these elements taken into account, a judge can consider whether or not they are going to honor your request for your former spouse to pay the attorney’s fees. This may not always be a viable option, but the lawyers at Affordable Family Law want to offer you exceptional family law services at a rate you will be able to afford.

Consider All of Your Options

Child custody laws will vary from state to state, and in these matters of utmost importance, it is vital for you to be prepared, informed, and well-represented in a custody battle. Affordable Family Law in Toledo, Ohio is well-versed in the child custody laws in Ohio and can help ensure that you are receiving justice in the courtroom. Whether you want to go through the avenue of filing pro se or you want to petition the judge to grant your former spouse with the attorney fees, be sure to consider all of your options and choose what will most likely be of the best benefit to you and your family. Legal needs can be stressful and it can be worrisome thinking you cannot afford a quality lawyer to support you in your case. Our lawyers want to assist you in the best way possible and help you in reaching your goals while maintaining reasonable prices at a rate you can afford. Contact us for a free consultation and to get started today.